We have a committee which is constituted of adult volunteers, who perform management, administration and maintenance duties.  All committee members will have the following induction to their role:

  • A welcome briefing from the Chairman
  • A handover from the previous incumbent, where possible
  • Be asked to read their role description, and clarify any questions arising
  • Be asked to read all policies related to their role, and to the broader club
  • Be specifically inducted by the Safeguarding officer on our policy and procedures on safeguarding

We do not have any junior volunteer roles on the committee.  On occasion, we will ask for volunteers to support the committee in delivering a particular project. This might include a spring clean day, for example.  In these situations, there will be a responsible member of the committee present, who will conduct a risk assessment of the tasks being undertaken, discuss the tasks and risks with the volunteers, and ensure that adequate PPE is available.