Tie Break Ten’s Men’s Tournament

Apr 19, 2022

Thank you to all those who have entered the fun Tie-Break Tens men’s tournament tomorrow night (Wednesday 20th April) at Shipston Tennis Club.

The tournament starts at 6 pm for a 6:15 start. There is a £2 entry fee which will cover the cost of the new tennis balls for the evening.

The tournament will consist of each player playing 7 rounds of tie-breaks with a different player each time.

The rules and format will be as follows:

1) Before each match you can take a quick 1-2 minute warm-up (if needed).

2) One of the pairs will spin a racquet or toss a coin to decide who to serve.

3) You will play a championship tie-break per match (up to 10 points not 7). The winner must win by two clear points. For example, if the score is 9-9 and the server wins the next point to take it to 10-9, you must continue until there is two clear points e.g. 11-9. The tie break continues until there are two clear points for the winner.

4) The tie break begins with the server starting from the deuce court for one point only. After the first point, the serve changes to the first server’s opponent. Each player then serves two consecutive points for the remainder of the tiebreak. The first of each two-point sequence starts from the server’s advantage court and the second starts from the deuce court.

5) You will swap sides every time the points add up to 6, e.g. 3-3, 4-2, 6-0 etc.

6) If the score gets to 12-12, then a sudden death point will happen.  The winning pair will win 13-12.

7) The winning pair will get 3 points each.

The “winner” on the evening, will be the player with the most points on the night once all 7 matches have been played. In the event of a tie, you might elect to play a short singles tie break up to 7 or play additional doubles match up to 7 or 10 (it’s just a bit of fun).

This tournament isn’t really about winning, but playing with a variety of different players and scenarios.

Fixture list available at the new online clubhouse or via the private Whats App Group.