Shipston Tennis COVID 19 Rules

Jun 1, 2020

These rules are in addition to the LTA Play Safe Rules issued on 1st June 2020 for playing at Shipston Tennis Club during COVID-19.

Clubhouse Rules

1. The Club house is still out of bounds to players and coaches except for access to emergency box or to get the disabled toilet key. The emergency box. Accident book and disabled toilet key will all be found just inside the clubhouse door. Do not enter the rest of the club house.
2. If the clubhouse door is opened and disabled toilet used it is the responsibility of the individual to spray and clean all surfaces and handles touched –spray sanitizer, hand sanitizer and kitchen role will be available in the disabled toilet.
3. Use of floodlights is prohibited as key access is not allowed from club house.
4. Nets will be set at correct height so please do not alter. Measuring sticks will not be available. Net hand winders will be removed.

Court Rules

1. All 3 outdoor courts can be used
2. Court access is through main gates – Gates to be left open during play and closed after play if no other courts are being used. Try to open and close court gates with your feet and avoid hand contact.
3. Spray sanitizer and hand gel are available at main gate and if players have contact with locks or door handles they should spray them after use.
4. Players must bring and use their own hand sanitizer pre and post court access.
5. As per the LTA guideline DOUBLES play is now allowed and players do not have to be family members. 2 meter social distancing remains in place. Players still need to bring their own balls but the LTA has said they do not need to be personally marked and only used by the owner – Tennis balls are still considered a risk of infection so frequent use of hand gel is required.
6. Booking online as usual but players must leave court 5 minutes before the end of the time they have booked. This is to avoid contact with next players. Only players who have booked online may use the courts and when booking all players names must be enterer on the booking, this is to monitor who is playing.
7. If your court is free when you arrive to play then you can go straight on court or wait in your car/outside club for your partner.

Coaching Rules

1. Read and adhere strictly to LTA guidelines for safe play.
2. Coaches may now have a maximum of 5 customers in a training session subject to social distancing and hand hygiene.
3. All bookings must be made online and all players names must be included in the booking.
4. Coaches can book a maximum of 20 hours per week of court time until further notice.
5. Ensure all customers coming into club use hand sanitizer before and after play.
6. Ensure customers do not use clubhouse. Emergency box and key to disabled toilet are just inside the clubhouse door. Avoid customers opening gates or touching equipment items. Spray any surfaces touched by customers.
7. Ensure a safe time period between lessons so there is no contact with next customers.

The LTA require players to notify the new track and trace service in the case of infection. If you have been playing at the club and have symptoms and are going to isolate or have a close family member in such a condition you should contact the Track and Trace service.

Prior to club opening all members will be sent a copy of LTA safe play rules and a copy of these local rules. These rules will be monitored for safety and compliance after opening.