Shipston Tennis Club is committed to ensuring the Health & Safety of our members and guests.

To support this aim, we have are committed to the following duties.

  • Include Health & Safety matters as an agenda item of all Committee meetings.
  • Appoint a competent club member to take the lead on Health & Safety responsibilities.
  • Undertake regular, recorded Risk Assessments of the club premises and activities undertaken by the club.
  • As far as reasonably practical, create a safe environment by putting measures in place as identified by the Risk Assessment.
  • Ensure that all accidents and injuries sustained during any club activity or whilst on the club premises are reported. Accident and Injuries book to be kept in Club house.
  • Provide a First aid box in the club house and regularly check stock items.

Risk Assessment

Shipston Tennis Club will carry out an annual risk assessment of the club facilities to identify potential hazards. Additional Risk assessments will be carried out if any new issues arise.

We will consider the results of the Risk Assessment at a Committee meeting, and implement appropriate actions to ensure that we maintain a safe environment for our members.

The risk assessment includes the following areas:

  • Are the facilities and surrounding areas safe, free from obstacles, and suitable for the activity?
  • Is the equipment fit and sound for activity and suitable for age and ability?
  • Are performers appropriately attired for the activity?
  • Do volunteers, staff, coaches and members have access to information relating to health and safety?
  • Is the members register up to date with medical information and contact details?
  • Can emergency vehicles access the facilities?